RasItes is one of the new bands that appeard at the Summer Jam 2002. They
made a debut show infront of about 15000 people in Koln on the 6th july, 2002.
The first album we hear from them is entittled "Urban Rgeneration". The group
composes of four singers Otis, Kashta, Gyrus and Jahmel.

Buba 97.2 fm (Bvnt) Qa
Hou do you guys come together to for RasItes?

We know each other from a very young age you know.You could say
we know each other from birth. Since we are being such good friends
we were all being playing music individually. we meet and decided that
we want to have a band. So we gonna start rehasing. This started
taking place in 1996. Where we use to reherse at the trimber music
workshop in london. After two years of rehersal. We entered into a
competition called the "Sunsplash" competition. The price for that
competition was to go to Jamaica and perform on Sunsplash festival.
Rasites won the competition. At the is very festival in Jamaica there were
some representatives from Getstar record. They saw the talent and
when we arrived back to London they gave us a contract. Now you hear
Rasites with the new album "Urban Regeneration".

How far do you want to take raggae music ?
Right to the top. You know like when you turn on your tv. and you see
group like Wast Life and a lot of pop artists you see every day on tv.
It will be nice if you could tune on your tv and see reggae music every
day and every five munites. Rasites is there to do it out there Live !.
Now we don`t have young youth group out there among ourage group
that play live reggae music and singing a reggae music with a positive
message. So we say they cannot stop us.

What do you talk about in your lyrics ?

World issues. We are singing about everything we see from outside
my own front-door to what is hapenning all over the world. Food for the
children. Universal message we are talking about, under age pregnancy.
Talking about homelessness and deprivation the rubing and the killing
going on in our communities and communities all around the world.
We grew up in a rasta home where we lerned about peace and love and
respect. Look, what we see is that love is not been emberssed around
the world, you know what I mean, amongst mankind. We have to address
those issues. Right now we are just out here trying to push the clean and
posivtive message to uplift and regenerate through the power of our music
to higher high level "Salasi I".

Being young in the reggae scene. How do you come about with
roots reggae. Because nowdays always what you see is more ragger
scene in london. How could you grew up in london and stay on the
main steram ?

Well I could say a lot of it is the upbringing. A lot of youth in England or
from London never really saw a reggae music as something for them.
The fact is the age group. Every one in the reggae industry is much older
than we are. What we are saying now is that here comes the RasItes.
Young vibrant and enegetic. We are just what the youths need. They are
taking to us because they have seen that we are representing them and
singing for them. I think that this is going to be the turning point for the
young people in reggae music.
Asward is one of the big time reggae band from Londono.
Did you lern from them?
They were a good inspiration to us. Tunes like warrior charge which
really inspires us and gave us a vibes. When RasItes started at first
was a dub band. We used to play this rythem track that help us to
practice more.

Who do you work with to produce "Urban Regeneration"?

My motto is alway that if you want the best you have to go for the best.
You have to work with the best inorder to get the best.
It`s our collective effort as well, you know. There are lot of producers all
around the world. We worked with Danny Ring and Fitzroy. Oviously these
are the two producers and engenners from London. They are inside the
Getstar. We were working with them in the studio. It was just likea great
family vibes you know.
Reggae industry is growing fast and has a lot of controverses within.
What do you really don`t like in the whole scene?
What I really dont like most is the fact that reggae music is not exposed
like other music you hear and see on tv stations. Forcing and fighting
amongs brethern and sisthrens.

What do you have to tell to the people in Köln (summer jam) ?.

Love and life. We burn up all distructions. Living consciouslly and being
positive. Stay on the right track. Ther are always obstacles that are
comming trying to test you and try to mash up your journey. You have
to really know where you are going to, Salasi I.