Buba: What is your birth name?

Luciano: My rightful name weh come to birth certificate is Jasper Washington Mclymouth but my stage name is Luciano. Coming up in Jamaica it is always a fascinating thing to choose a name that people are already familiar with and fascinated by. Mr Home Iris who was the previous producer of mine was very instrumental in getting me to have a name like Luciano. We had a selection of names from which we derive Luciano. It was long after though that I became more involved in the music fraternity that I really start to onvistage the meaning of that name. That time my conscious ness told me that if it weren’t positive or contributing to the mission I would have to change it. But when I investigated I realised that Luci a prefix that means light and Lucian is the bureau of the light. Luciano has seven letters and I am the seventh child from my mother and father. So every thing coincides so well then I decided to go along with the name Liuciano, give thanks.

Buba: How do you write your lyrics?

Luciano: All the good inspiration is from the almighty the Great Spirit within us all. My ability to capture all these inspiration and put it on record is just my willingness and my love for humanity for the almighty. That great desire wanting to find the right words to say and the right melodies to allow our brother to see life in a spiritual way. Just to encourage our sister not to get down-heart or discourage because she has a broken heart you know. It first comes from the love. The love of the people. You around and you see things happening, people suffering and then you will become the mouthpiece for the people.

Buba. How do you feel to be so popular?

Luciano: I feel honoured. I am in a position where respect me as a spiritual one like a consular a source of inspiration for the younger generation. I feel honoured to be in this position really and I will say this is a well-desired position by many people on this earth but all they need to have to make it to this position is love. If I did not love my audience and did not love my radio personalities and disc jokies who help me to get across the message they would not be too interested to get it out there. They have to see that love shining from me firstly before they can get the energy to go out there and do it with zealousness and willingness.

Buba: How did you start like your first day with a microphone in hand?

Luciano: The first time I went into a studio. Mr Home Iris brought me in there you know. A time we had Clementarius and those brothers, Spanner Banner was bursting out that time with “Life, life goes on” you know. I could not even imagine how these brothers could go out there and make hit songs and come out with the album. It was almost impossible to me. Mr Iris gave me a microphone and a cassette and told me I should go home and practice and get my self ready you know I have to work on my pronunciations and so on. All these things play a part. I want back home I did a lot of rehearsal. Some times I go to bed at three o’clock in the night. In the morning I have to rise up because I was doing a pestering. Any way I started singing in the community sound systems like Earth Quake Destiny and a sound called earth ruler. Every time I hear the sound I will go in there and sing. It all started in the church. Even when I moved from Manchester to town I some times play my guitar in the Church you know. But some thing was missing in the Church.

Buba: a very positive complement from Dean Frazer after completing his album Dean plays Bob Marley part two. He say give thanks to Luciano. What is that?

It is no doubt an expression of gratitude you see. I believe in him 100%. He is my musical conductor for the band, he organise all the harmonies he plays the saxophone. He is almost every thing. He is a very great brother. He is a musical master and I really feel honoured to work with him. He sees the love and respect I give to him .It is beyond. He is like a godfather for I n I. I can remember when I came to town you know It was always a dream to work or even to be in the company of like Mr Frazer Sly Robbie and daddy Mr Cat Core and Robeline all these brothers are pioneers Mr Nambo and Boye all these great brothers you know.

Buba: One of the title track album “in this Together” you did a combination with Terro Fabulous and Louie Culture.

Luciano: Three of us did that. We were just in the studio and the vibe just hit us. You know when the rhythm start to play you always getting inspiration and I start singing and this start Djaaying. So we just say lets go around there and do this thing. Before you knew it was a hit song. This is how many of our combination came about. It is not any thing that we plan or say all right we want a hit song. It always worked out in a mystically way, a very natural vibe.

Buba: You were in Senegal. What is your feeling towards roots?

Luciano: First let me say thanks to Philip fattis the island record family, give thanks to Baba Maal and his family. Give thanks to Mikey general and Sizzla was there with I n I. I say my brother we went to Senegal the other day and I was blown up. I sing song about one way ticket and I say I want go back to Africa to live with and I realized that when I go there I cant go alone. I have to go with some friends, my brothers to come an experience the feeling that I felt and I continue to feel until now the fire is still blazing in my soul. The feeling that I have told me never to go to the western world called jersey and all these things. When I go down there and see the ensentcy and the spirit of the people and feel the vibes I knew that it was time for I n I to graduate into a higher level at the expression of my soul both in my gesture how I deal with the people and greet people. The love is really there, man the ancient love. You can see it even though you know that the western civilization has to a certain extent a caused a dissolution on the minds of many of our youngsters some of dem dreaming of going to Jamaica and some going to another part of the world but they have the anscientcy and this is what we keep dreaming of in the west here. We hope to see ourselves back in mama Africa.

Buba: Tanks Luciano for being with me in the show.

Luciano: Thank you very much my brother. As I will always it was the blessing of the almighty jah that brought us together here today. And as we have been privileged with his presences we continue to do his work and continue to be source of inspiration for every one in creation.

Buba: What is your message for the Germans?

Luciano: If you did not learn enough from Hitler then you will not learn any more Germany.