Köln 08 07 2001

Buba: 99.2 fm You made a hit back in the 80s a duet with Home Tea and Shaba Rank in a song intituled “Anthem”. How was the paste?

Coco Tea: Well at da time the paste of reggae was even better than dis time. You know, it’s kina strange. There is nothing wrong with da music. The music is going from strength to strength. We always haff to love the music and keep supporting da music.

Buba: I understood that you have build up your own studio and you have just finished a new album coming up from the Xterminator label. How would you describe this album?

Coco Tea: This new one is really fascinating. It is fantastic. Da album is by the name “Feel The Power” and is coming out on VP Record. You should get this one. This one haff a single that is now tearing up Jamaica by name of “Down in Montigo-Bay” (sweet Jamaica).

Buba: What is your opinion on religion. In your song “Feel the Power” you speak about religion fighting against religion.

Coco Tea: There is no other way but more I and I. The whole world has to be thinking one way because there is no difference. We all a one. No matter yo class, yo colour or yo creed. We all haffi say one thing. We all haffi give thanks n´ praises to the King. Da Bible tells yo. That’s where I will refer yo to.

Buba: How did you get inspiration it comes to singing?

Coco Tea: Well I man get an inspiration from Jah and I also get da vibes from the people. Without da people yo don’t know nothing for write about or to sing about. It is because of people why yo do all these things.

Buba: You sang about Dennis Brown. How was your relationship to him?

Coco Tea: Very close. I guess every one knows that Dennis Brown is an icon from Jamaica. Him along with Bob Marley has taken da music so far that we haffi give thanks to what they haff done. I find it fit in to sing a tribute for a man like him.
Buba: How long have you been working with the Xterminator?

Coco tea: From my days on till now. It is so great to work with da Xterminator. I haff been working with Philip Fatis. We always pool and we always hit. So we haff a special nark together. Even though I haff my own “world lion label” I still work with da Xterminator and I still work with Bobby Digital too.

Buba: What is the main centre of attraction in your message?

Coco tea: In my message, my main focus is repatriation for the black people. Black people haff no other way side to go. Africa a we land. So we haffi consider deh we haffi go. I message to da people is repatriation. The government for free up black people land and free up the people for da people dem. Unification among all nations, Salassi I.

Buba: Do you think repatriation is gonna happen?

Coco Tea: It has to happen. Jah say it haffi happen and it is a must. It is just that everything takes time but the time is coming. I t might take time but it is not gonna be for iver.

Buba: Do you think the Jamaican people are responding to the repatriation calling?

Coco Tea: In every society you haff people who belive this and people who belive that. I an I as rastafari and the rastas people dem always think about that and always dreams for that. The younger generation in Jamaica coming up right now dey are thinking the same way. Not all people think the same way. Some people are thinking about luxurious life in the west and what dem haff to haff. We are not thinking about the Car, the house, land and the Van. I an I think about repatriation.

Buba: What is your openion about the new trend of reggae, Dance-hall etc?
Coco Tea: Every one haff a message, you know. And everyone add there ways yo haffi bring yo across yo message to da people, you know. There is no way me haffi disacciote dem from us. It just that dey coming up with a different type of music in a different era. It is the same message well we have to go with it.

Buba: One of your songs “Mr Necktie man. What is the text about?

Coco Tea: This song is dedicated to all dem politician man dey. All a dem wear Necktie. They are da one who sit up there. They give orders. They cereate big pastures that preach in da Churches. They say this today and tomorrow we see dem do another thing. So we sending a message to dem what is is really there plan. A lot