Buju Banton

Buba: Welcome to Black Vibes N` Tunes Buju?

Buju: Noff respect and thanks to you it´s a pleasure.

Buba: How did you start music?

Buju: It haff been a rough beginning, man. Many hard tribulations, you know. Right now, we don’t consider ourselves of reaching weh we de heading to either. We still haff many more roads to go and many more miles to travel and many more things to do and many more songs to sing and many more sources to win.

Buba: What is your inspiration?

Buju: Inspiration come from da people what you feel what you see what dem do what we do. Reactions we get from what ever, you know. Inspiration flows man, sonic.

Buba : Some youths are inspired by you. What is your feeling about that?

Buju: Well that is positive to know that da massive and da younger youths are inspired and aspired by I and I work because dey try to make it positive more than dis time.

Buba: I grow up listening to Bob Marley and Peter Posh. What about you?

Buju: I grow listening to Dance-hall, Bob Marley Peter Tosh, Gimmy Cliff Burning Spear and den man too. But it was at dat time When those music were not been focus on but a dance-hall was taking over. Yo understand so you have a more of a ifflux of dancehall oriented stuff. And that stuff was scaterlite, you know. Man and man have a different openion but man say all the diverse religion have to love oneanother.

Buba: You have identify your selve as a member of the twelve tribe of Isreal. Is that right?

Buju: I go up on the meeting session at the twelve tribe corner hold a vibes from da brethen dem. I consider myselve as the tribe of Juda so you have to go dey and see who they are Salasi I.

Buba: What do you think about the crises in Ethopia?

Buju: A man invade one man territory and the people take up arem in Ethopia to defend their boarder line. Eriteria was always ethopia own yo know, you understand because history shows that. All those those boarder belong to Ethopia. Now if they can solve the problem in a peacefull manner even the will be delited like we say Africa African pride we want no more shading of blood for this nation to move ferwerd Salasi I.

Buba: What is your message to your fans?

Buju: No matter where yo come from either you are black or white we all a one you know. Just stay firm and don’t fight yo self and don’t fight what is around you just try to co-exist Salasi I.