This is a weekly radio programme that comes on air every
Wednesday, from 19-20hrs on "Freies radio für Stuttgart.

Black Vibes N` Tunes has been on air since back in autumn
1998. We are broadcasting on 97.2 fm on antenna
And 102.1 fm on cable frequency.

Black Vibes N` Tunes is committed to promote black culture
Musically and as a medium to inform our listeners the current
Issues in Reggae and on the World of music annals.
Diverse music entertainment ranging from CD presentation,
And an interviews with artists and players of instrument
In this aspect we have given a special consideration to young artists
and players of instruments in our air time.

Until now, we had a many different interesting artists as guests in
our radio programme.Artists like Luciano, Buju Banton, Israel Vibration,
Dean Freezer, Gentleman, Morgan Heritage, U Roy, Youssou
Ndure, Mykal Rose, Red Rat, Everton Blender, Anthony B.
Just to name a few. Some of these artists have been two
or three times in our show.
This programme (Black Vibes N` Tunes) has today fanned
a lot of attention in the area of Stuttgart .
This is mainly of its unique-form of music presentation.

for information about upcoming specials check

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Broadband connection, and the small one for Dial-Up